Hair Extensions

The African American hairstyles and hair extensions have inspired many popular looks which we all love today. There are so many creative, beautiful and easy styles and options to choose from, so we cannot see how any of us can ever celebrate bad hair day.

My Natural Hair Extensions – Afro KInky Hair

Afro Kinky hair

MNHE provides this amazing afro kinky hair for black women looking to improve on their hair. It’s a great resource to help and add lenth to your existing hair.

We have entered a new era of glory: in this new era, blacks, whites, and women from all other industries exchanged their size, brand and stylish cards. Extensive connoisseurs and famous designers know how to choose the perfect wig, but what about those geniuses who are looking for smart hair every day? We offer you the best list of extensions!

Hidden Crown

Hidden Crown is the latest addition to the designer and hairdresser Justine Marjan. You have seen the extension on the manes of Ashley Graham, Scheana Shay, and Erika Jayne. The halo crown adds a temporary length without adhesion, binding, tape, fabric or cuts. You put a transparent line on your head and strategically overlap the real hair to blend them. Hidden Crown also offers a series of instructional videos for locating nails and combing them easily.

The hidden Crown is 100% human hair. The extension itself is 12-12.5 inches wide, 16 or 20 inches long and weighs 140 grams. If you have purchased one, choose the classic “Hidden Crown” extension. This is the iconic work of the brand.

Extensions Plus

If you are a fan of the reality show “La Hair” by the famous stylist Kim Kimble, you’ve already seen the promising land Extensions Plus. The famous hairdresser saw the rich list of textures, colors, and lengths of the company. Like a braided hazelnut buffet, you can find any type of hair to make your dream wig or fabric. The company even supplies copies of natural hair to thin people.

Indique Hair Extensions

For years, Indique has been one of the favorite places for women who are looking for high-quality hair extensions. With more than 17 physical stores in the US and South Africa, Indique is sought after by many due to the wide range of high-quality textures.

Buying Indique Hair will cost you a penny. Starting at $ 139 for a 4-ounce package, you can upload more depending on the collection and length. However, consider this purchase as an investment, because you can, of course, reuse your hair multiple times.

Funmi Hair Extensions

This texture is extremely rare! It naturally appears on less than 1% of all African American women in developed countries. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t style your hair to pull this look.

True Indian Hair

The hair is 100% virgin, culled directly from the roots. True Indian hair is also very reusable and can last six months to a year or longer if it is properly maintained and stored. The hair has a straight, wavy and curly texture, as well as natural black and brown. True Signature hair series. Yes, that is the cover of the Lizzo album.

Get Gorgeous Hair

The “Get Gorgeous Hair” collection from Tippi Shorter uses 100% virgin Remy human hair that has been carefully dyed by a team of experts to present a variety of chocolate colors combined with the skin of a brown girl.

Yaki Hair Extensions

If you want to style your hair with a straightener, think Yaki is a texture between extreme curls and straight hair. This means that your hair is straight, but there are some microbubbles.

If you decide to use Yaki Hair Color, many women will find many options to choose from. This is a fairly simple description that can help you.

  • Light Yaki looks like silky soft hair.
  • Medium Yaki is one of the least popular options, which has crimps.
  • curly yaki is just your normally curly hair, very clear.
  • Coarse Yaki looks like hair that is very textured and coarse.