How To Style Your Beard

black beard styles

Find a Beard Style and Size That Fits You

Now that your beard is ready, the next step is to choose the right beard style for your face.  As a general rule, the beard and jaw should be in harmony to achieve an evenly graduated oval shape.

       Here are some ways to style your beard:

Best beard for men with round face

If you have a round face, a long beard will match the proportions of your face to make your head and beard appear longer and thinner.

Grow a long beard to allow your beard to grow while cutting off the fat on the sides for a rounded look.  Sideburns and short hair on the cheeks to increase the length of your beard.  This style works well for men who have a slightly larger but neat goatee or goatee shape.

       Best beard for heart shaped faces

A heart-shaped face is similar to a round face in that it is wider but has the unique feature of a long chin.  The chin is also usually on the narrow side.  This face shape is recommended for growing a long beard, but make sure the sides are crisp and short.  You will love how it compliments your face.

       Best beard for men with oval face

With an oval face shape, you have complete freedom to try out any beard style you like, good luck.  Their face is already shaped like an elongated oval, so most beard styles will suit men with oval faces.  As always, of course, keep proportions in mind and plan ahead before using the tool.

Best beard for men with a million faces

For men with long faces, their face is as long as an oval face, but their chin is sharper and more defined.  For this face shape, a long beard with short sides works best for this shape.

Best beard for a rectangular face

The best black men beard styles with rectangular faces are fuller, rounder and shorter on the sides with a well-cut beard.  For longer face shapes, a short beard will help maintain proper vertical proportions and give you the secret of a fuller face.

Best beard suitable for a diamond face

The diamond-shaped face shape is widest at the cheekbones, with a narrow forehead and the jaw line being nearly symmetrical in width.  Therefore, the goal should always be to keep the hair on the chin out to the cheekbones, so keep the razor down.  Ideally, you want to sideline a protruding chin to create the illusion of a more balanced bone structure.

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Different beard styles and how to trim them

  We like to think about the men’s mustache styles a family tree with three fundamental branches speaks of: full facial hair, incomplete facial hair, and mustache.  There’s also a fourth branch that we’ll cover in one piece, but how about we see essential branches first and a part of their various facial beard styles .


  Generally known as stubble facial beard, beard is a style anyone can wear.  It makes no difference if your facial hair is skeletal or incredibly thick.  What it does is give it a touch of surface and a touch of roughness.  You’ll get this style by letting your facial hair develop for a day or three, and then choosing whether you need to shave everything or use a trimmer to keep it short.  In the event that you need to get a more “Money Street” look with your stubble, at that point you will have to trim the cheek lines and neck areas. If you need more insight on how to properly groom your facial hair, you can learn more about beard care for black men in this epic post.  For a scruffy look, just let those territories develop more normally.  However, you will generally discover scraping / stubble under short facial hairstyles.


  Men who can normally grow fuller facial hair are an acceptable possibility to show off the look of corporate whiskers.  Allow approximately fourteen days to two months to develop to the length of corporate facial hair.  It doesn’t need a ton of short hairs, so it will require a lot of maintenance, including cutting the cheek line and neck area for a perfect introduction.


  Nothing overly confusing about normal facial beard;  just let it develop, or let it develop as you cut and shape it.  Plus, this is a reality: The more you trim your facial hair and keep it in violin-like shape, the more it will develop.


  Current patterns can support shorter facial beard, the Yeard is a positive movement in reverse.  Just let your facial hair develop for a year, or more, while keeping it fully shaped and characterized.