How To Style Natural Hair While At Home

Natural hair is beautiful on its own, but why not show it off? Whether you are natural or transitioning to natural, here are some ideas on how to style natural hair at home.

To start with the basics of natural hair care, wash your hair regularly. Avoid shampooing it every day. Moisturize your scalp and condition your ends daily for healthier strands.

When choosing a hairstyle, look for one that compliments your curls, coils, or waves. For example, if you have tight spirals, you might consider getting a spiral perm so that people can see what they look like… unless you want them hidden beneath layers of straightened hair!

If your natural hair is dry or brittle, add oil treatments to your regimen. You can use natural oils such as coconut oil for this purpose.

Go natural! Naturalness in a hairstyle must be balanced with other considerations such as personal taste, the health of the hair, and styling skills to achieve a realistic style that you will enjoy wearing. Striving too hard towards an unrealistic “natural” look resulting from chemical processing will only lead to frustration when it doesn’t work out the way you intended.

Here are a few natural hairstyles that will help you dress up your natural tresses!

        Simply Cute Natural Hair Styles

A simple natural hairstyle with a little wave goes a long way in complimenting natural kinks and curls. You can create this by scrunching or finger-combing gel into the hair after showering. Pin it once it has dried for an adorable natural shaggy look…great for wild girls who have fine, soft hair!

Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Curly Hair

Quite possibly one of my favorite cute natural hairstyles, a low bun is always classy and sophisticated on any occasion. Its natural-looking yet sophisticated look is perfect for natural hair.

Ponytail Hairstyles For Natural Hair

All you naturalistas out there, ponytails are here to stay! Whether it’s an updo of sexy waves or just a sleek ponytail, make sure your ends are moisturized to keep them from splitting.

Long Braids with Bangs

Long braids are very comfortable when natural – feeling light and bouncy throughout the day! This beautiful style is excellent in complimenting natural coils. With the use of some nice natural oil treatments, this style will last longer than usual.

Here are some more natural styles that can be achieved at home:  natural braid styles, cool natural hairstyles, natural updo styles for short natural hair, natural hairstyles that require a headband, and natural types for short natural hair.

If you’re not sure what to do with your natural tresses, ask a professional stylist at a salon near you! It’s always good to have options…

Article summary: In this article, we discuss natural hairstyles as well as how to care for natural hair. We also explain how different natural hairstyles can complement different curl patterns. Finally, we advise those looking for style advice on asking a professional stylist before attempting any complicated or new styles.                *****

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