rap beats

When it comes to find the best instrumentals you wanna purchase the hottest beats for sale. In this article we will break down the best route for musicians.

  How to make beats

  Now, not every beat producer does those 4 things all the time – especially when collaborating with others or making purely instrumental music – but you should learn about them all.

  how it’s done

  There are some different ways people make those musical patterns.

  Some have an idea in their head – like a chord or chorus line – and try to recreate it in the studio.

  Or you can have a bunch of sounds on the keyboard in front of you and just play around on it – freestyle – until you do something that sounds dope.

  Sometimes you just download a pre-made loop / sample and just start from there, add drums, cut it, etc.

  You can start making a beat with the main melody, built-in chord progression, drum pattern – whatever you want.

Producer Tags

Producer tags are critical for making really good beats. They are created to protect your beats from being stollen on the internet.

  There is no one person to do this.

  Next, you add another layer of sound – maybe a piano or a baseline, etc.  Then add layer above layer until you do something that sounds complete and musical.

  Load the sound (or grab your guitar / drum machine / etc) -> Play around and record some loops -> Add another sound that works -> Repeat this until -> Record Vocals -> Mix  And master

  Analyzing why you love the music you love and learning how to do it

  Make your own music

  Knowing music theory helps, but really just study the music that you like.  Listen to it intensely and find out its growing parts.

  This will help you find out how the actual music is put together – the use of sounds, the way the drum pattern is put together, intro / verse / chorus / bridge / etc and where they occur,  Rises and falls throughout the song, changes in sounds / musical keys / emotion / vibe.

  Basic music theory

  But when you are making professional music, you have to know a lot of basics.  You need to know what beats, notes, bars, time signatures, chord progression and other musical elements are.

  You need to understand the structure of a modern popular song – what are verses, hooks, bridges etc.?

   And make sure you can download our free beat chit sheet below.  They will help to know which notes and strings look good in the air together.  You’ll never struggle to come up with tunes or chord progression!

  Cheat sheets

  Production of music production sheets

  So what do you need to do to make music?

  There are many different options.

  And if you really want to make professional music, you want to buy a few different things.

  But to make one thing more clear – if you just want to make beats (and not full songs), all you need is a laptop and some beat making software.

  Equipment for making beats

  Creating complete songs will usually require more (unless you are just making instrumental music).  But even if you’re just making beats with a keyboard and a beat midi controller, it makes it easy.

  Nowadays, every studio setup is computer based.  Technology has made it so easy that professionals can spend thousands of dollars without music like you have in the past.